Gaijin Pot - Can I trust you?

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I currently live in Japan and I found a job site called first time I saw it, I found many jobs that I was interested.

So, I submitted to many companies. Some replied and others rejected me. That if fine. But, when it comes to not fully telling us what to send to the company, that pissed me off!

What the *** is up with the site/ whom ever created this site. ***, if you are going to be a site that connects with the companies, tell us everything that is needed to complete our application. And especially don't put up companies that do not accept applications from online!!!!!

At last, I would like to say to whom ever is trying to find a job is to first look at the reviews of job sites and think very hard.Also go on the companies website is probably a better thing to do

Review about: Job Site.

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